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      Company profile

      Hami Jinshan Stone Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is located in the Xinjiang Hami area is rich in mineral resources. The company has six large mines (Tianshan, Tianshan, Shuangjing red green blue, Shuangjing flowers, purple star cloud, Hami gold), Huangliao annual extraction volume is 50000 cubic meters. The company has a 150 mus workshop, workshop is equipped with 20 sets of 14 pieces of hydraulic cutting machine, 10 bridge cutting machine, 2 20 pipeline, a pipeline fire board, a special-shaped cylinder production line processing, the annual output of 1000000 square meters plates.

      For a long time, the company "to provide high quality and inexpensive stone for customers" for the purpose, the spirit of quality first, abide by the credibility of the business philosophy, dedicated to the production of granite stone. Our company personnel have 18 stone production and sales experience, the company has won strong competitiveness and good reputation, by the industry around the world friends of the pro gaze, the product best-selling domestic and foreign markets.

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      Online service

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